Whiskey toffee apple waffles

2022-06-23T15:46:09+02:00Thursday, 23 June 2022|Sweet tooth|Tags: |

What’s better than waffles? Whiskey toffee apple waffles! I’ve been playing a bit with sweet things lately since Marcel’s, SA’s leading frozen yoghurt brand, sent me a hamper with some of their goodies. I’m always a huge fan of anything vanilla but you don’t argue with the masses, so I decided to try their best-selling frozen yoghurt flavour instead – [...]

Orange sweet potato and carrot soup

2022-06-07T15:16:51+02:00Tuesday, 7 June 2022|Soup|

Not going to lie here – winter is not my favourite season. Weeks and weeks of cloudy Cape skies and storms that threaten to tear off the new roof before I’ve finished paying for it leave me a tad blue. I turn to bread, pasta and anything fatty. At the end of three months the skinny jeans don’t fit so [...]

Camembert, leek and potato galette

2022-02-28T12:35:18+02:00Monday, 28 February 2022|Baking, Dinner|Tags: |

French and easy – that’s a galette for you. I’m a bit of a fan of this Gallic free form tart with its endless options for fillings. Recently I embraced the flavours of southern France and made a tapenade and onion galette. This week I’m paying homage to Normandy in northern France, home of Camembert with a Camembert, leek [...]

Onion and tapenade galette

2022-02-25T12:10:41+02:00Thursday, 10 February 2022|Baking|Tags: |

Galette is pretty much the simplest French tart you can make. It’s just a flat sheet of pastry with a filling tumbled in the middle and the edges folded over. It can be sweet, filled with anything from apples or blackberries to figs or plums. Or it can be savoury, like this onion and tapenade galette. The inspiration for this [...]

Fillet steak au poivre with decadent brandy cream sauce

2022-02-02T14:46:14+02:00Wednesday, 2 February 2022|Dinner|Tags: |

Fillet steak au poivre – it’s just fancy French for meat that’s covered in pepper, but it sounds so impressive! Like so many classical recipes it’s incredibly simple, but it knocks it out of the park flavour wise. The secret when you’re using so few ingredients is using only the best. Best quality, plump pieces of well aged fillet; [...]

Greek lemon chicken

2022-01-12T13:43:06+02:00Wednesday, 12 January 2022|Dinner|Tags: , |

Ask me about my top 5 best-ever meals and invariably a simple lunch I enjoyed on a very remote Greek island comes to mind. We’d anchored our yacht in a teeny harbour and strolled a few metres to a restaurant boasting a mere three tables. As we sipped ice cold Greek white wine we watched a small boy catching fish [...]