Christmas Spiced Granola

2021-11-11T13:59:02+02:00Thursday, 11 November 2021|Breakfast|

I love absolutely everything about Christmas. The fairy lights; the fragrant pine wreaths; the masses of blue hydrangeas and white Icebergs I pick from my high summer garden; the white candles; the polished silver; the glittering crystal… And then there’s the taste and smell of Christmas – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and allspice – they don’t just belong in Christmas [...]

Chocolate truffle tart

2021-10-08T10:14:03+02:00Friday, 8 October 2021|Sweet tooth|Tags: |

Saturday, 9 October, is official Pinotage Day. I don’t exactly need an excuse to open a bottle of this truly South African cultivar, but I got one when the folks from FAT Bastard Wines sent me this recipe for a chocolate truffle tart. They recon it’s the ideal decadent treat to pair with their Pinotage. Showcasing ripe plums and rich [...]

Apple buttercake

2021-10-04T12:35:03+02:00Monday, 4 October 2021|Baking|Tags: |

It was drizzly and miserable in the Cape this past weekend, a reminder that winter is not quite done with us yet. So I spent my time huddled in front of a fire, paging through all my old recipe books. I came upon this recipe for apple buttercake scribbled in gran’s spidery handwriting. Sometimes these super old recipes are [...]

Wine news, August 2021

2021-08-20T10:39:50+02:00Friday, 20 August 2021|Wine tasting|

New Barista black – smooth enough for James Bond Were he real, the world’s most celebrated secret agent would now be 100. His creator and many actors who portrayed him over the years may be long gone, but the image of this super smooth spy dude still lives large. Pinotage is also approaching the 100-year mark, so when the [...]

6 Brilliant premium wines to give dad this Father’s Day

2021-06-17T12:47:03+02:00Thursday, 17 June 2021|Wine tasting|

#1: QUOIN ROCK Chardonnay 2018 Regarded as ‘Winter’s white wine of choice’, this perfect all-year-round wine from Quoin Rock is a beautiful straw colour with hints of green, alluding to its youthfulness and vibrancy. ‘The attractive nose showcases ripe citrus and orange peel aromas which carry through to hints of vanilla spice oak and toasted brioche,’ says winemaker [...]

Short rib tomato bredie

2021-06-14T14:14:44+02:00Monday, 14 June 2021|Dinner|Tags: , |

What makes a bredie a bredie and not just a plain old casserole or stew? It’s all in the spices. Tomato bredie is traditionally made with lamb and, as the name suggests, loads of tomato. But the aromatics are what makes it the real deal – perfumed ginger and cardamom, earthy cloves, heady cinnamon and a bit of chilli [...]