Christmas Spiced Granola

2021-11-11T13:59:02+02:00Thursday, 11 November 2021|Breakfast|

I love absolutely everything about Christmas. The fairy lights; the fragrant pine wreaths; the masses of blue hydrangeas and white Icebergs I pick from my high summer garden; the white candles; the polished silver; the glittering crystal… And then there’s the taste and smell of Christmas – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and allspice – they don’t just belong in Christmas [...]

Nutella French toastie

2020-09-30T08:18:36+02:00Friday, 24 July 2020|Breakfast, Sweet tooth|Tags: , |

French toast was a breakfast favourite of mine as a kid. Because it was the one thing I could actually cook as a 5-year-old, and because eggy wondrousness. It was pretty basic French toast stuff of course. Just normal white bread dipped into egg whisked with a splash of milk. Naturally I had to have it with that other favourite [...]

Spiced Kitke French toast with honey-roasted plums

2020-09-30T08:18:50+02:00Thursday, 8 March 2018|Breakfast|Tags: |

Breakfast Monday through Friday is a frugal affair at chez M&M. Utilitarian at best, the focus is on getting the required energy and nutrients to sustain me through the day – and doing it as fast as possible. But then there are weekends. And my oh my, then the focus is very much on indulgence – preferably of the buttery, [...]

Hot cross crumpets

2020-09-30T08:18:57+02:00Wednesday, 12 April 2017|Breakfast, Nibbles, Sweet tooth|Tags: |

I’m a bit stunned that a quarter of the year is gone and Easter is mere days away. My response to this freakishly quick passage of time is the same as my response to the scale on the infrequent occasions I bother to get on it – how the heck did it happen? But Easter it is and something Easter-themed [...]

Vanilla granola with instant berry compote

2020-09-30T08:20:07+02:00Tuesday, 29 July 2014|Breakfast, Uncategorized|

I love cooking. That much is obvious I guess. But I also love, love, love eating. For me, a meal is an occasion – even if it is just a tomato sandwich. Don’t think doughy government-issue white bread slathered with chemically-suspect marg and grainy tomatoes that are more pink than red. That’s so 80s darling. Think ciabatta still warm from [...]