Beans on toast

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Sometimes life gives one a bit of a wallop. It’s not nice, but it happens. And when it does, I want comfort food. I lock the front door, put on my ugly trackie pants that make me look like a baby elephant, and hit the kitchen to whip up something that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy. [...]

Gourmet ‘cricket’ hot dog

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I’ve been fairly devastated for the past month or so – ever since I found out that I will not be frying myself to a crisp on January 2nd. See, that’s the day the traditional New Year cricket match normally starts at Newlands stadium. Capetonians rock up in their thousands with cooler bags, 2-litre bottles of Coke and contraband sachets [...]

Pappardelle pasta with lemon and lamb

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I’m a champion channel surfer. I’m sure this is an extremely irritating habit. Fortunately Merlot doesn’t mind. As long as she can sit on my lap, I can hop around like the Easter bunny. I recently landed on a programme about American women who have the hots for blokes in prison. Now we all have our little oddities, so [...]

Dauphinoise potato bake

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Getting older is wonderful. I tell myself this because the alternative – wistfully longing for the days when everything was just a touch higher, firmer and smoother – is about as productive as trying to convince cats and dogs not to lick and sniff each other’s impolite bits. It’s not much, but Mother Nature does seem to give one [...]

Boerewors Pasta

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Occasionally I get the chance to escape my office just shy of five. I close the door behind me and hit the streets for a gentle stroll with my imaginary dog (Merlot won’t tolerate a real one). One notices many things on these lazy constitutionals. My neighbour’s sweet peas will be blooming soon. The people a few houses over have [...]