Leek and potato soup

Wednesday, 5 July 2017|Soup|Tags: , |

Scandinavians may be some of the happiest people in the world, but boy am I glad to be African. Because the cold and I are simply not pals. I loathe but absolutely loathe winter with a passion I normally reserve for minibus taxi drivers and dentists.

About the only things that get me through it are warming traditional bredies […]

Everything-and-the-kitchen-sink minestrone

Monday, 24 April 2017|Soup|Tags: , , , |

Easter is gone and May beckons. Yup folks, soup season is upon us. Not the stick-to-your-ribs kind packed with truckloads of meaty bones quite yet. That’s for June. The in-between evenings of May call for something altogether lighter I think. Lighter, yet still comforting. Minestrone is the answer.

Now minestrone is one of those jolly fabulous recipes that can be adapted […]

Cauliflower-cheese soup with parmesan ciabatta croutons

Thursday, 30 June 2016|Soup|Tags: |

Back when I was a kid (OK way, way back) veggies were fairly basic. You had your carrots, your peas, gems, potatoes, beans and cauliflower. That was pretty much it. Oh and beetroot, which was always bottled in vinegar. Asparagus and mushrooms were only available in a tin – hauled out strictly for very big occasions, like when the fancy church […]

Minted spring pea soup

Friday, 17 July 2015|Soup|Tags: |

I know that calling this minted pea soup recipe ‘spring’ pea soup is optimistic – what with at least another six weeks of bitter cold weather waiting for us before spring is ‘officially’ here. But all around me I am starting to see signs that winter is on its way out. Jasmin shrubs spilling over fences in my neighbourhood are […]

Thai red curry prawn and noodle soup

Tuesday, 26 May 2015|Soup|Tags: , |

For me soup is kinda like ice cream. I can eat it anytime. When it comes to giving soup instant attitude, few things beat curry. This Thai red curry soup is so easy, my cat can make it. It’s spicy, sweet, salty and sour – the four flavours that absolutely have to be present in any halfway decent Asian dish. […]

curried sweet potato soup with poppadom ribbons

Friday, 23 May 2014|Soup|Tags: , |

I love a good curry. Not the sissy stuff Capetonians generally try to pass off as curry (sorry!). I mean Durban-style – a curry with ‘tude that burns you just by looking at it. It has to hurt and it absolutely has to come with a truckload of interesting side bits – raita, sambal, chutney, achar, poppadoms, Mrs Ball’s […]