Wine and food events, January/February 2019

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Groote Post Country Market, Sunday 27 January 2019  This Sunday sees the first 2019 Country Market at Groote Post wine estate. We are absolutely spoilt for choice market wise in the winelands, but Groote Post feels truly unique. I attribute this to its wild West Coast positioning – one truly feels like one is in the country. There is loads [...]

Mustard the old-fashioned way

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I have at least five different kinds of mustard in my fridge at any given time. Good old hot English, wholegrain (great for salad dressings), Dijon (great for anything) and some gourmet ones with exotic ingredients like black truffle and Chablis. Sophisticated stuff. And then I have the other kind. The one of my childhood, the one that grandma made [...]

Oven roasted tomato and spinach pie

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Health has been a bit of a buzzword in the Melkkos & Merlot kitchen of late. Coming from the queen of butter and cream, this is strange I know. What triggered the madness? First, I was invited to the launch of Parmalat’s new range of cottage cheese. Already the biggest cheese brand in the country, Parlamat has now expanded their [...]

Dutch Easter stollen (Paasstol)

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Say stollen and I immediately think Christmas and German. But the Dutch also have a strong stollen tradition, both at Christmas and Easter. For me stollen has always been rather like push-up bras and the utterings of politicians just before an election – big on promise, short on follow through. But a recent commission to churn out a couple of [...]

Blackberry and apple galette with citrus chantilly

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I love the transforming power of words – how just a few syllables can make things seem fancy and make you want them more. Take handbags. Say Vuitton and we go ‘ooh’. But if you think about it, it really is just a bag – somewhere to keep your cell phone and lippy, and the place where those nasty complimentary [...]

My, my it’s bobotie pie!

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‘Gatvol’. Most of my compatriots would need no explanation. But to my readers in other countries, it’s kinda like fed up – times a thousand. And that’s exactly what I was last week. Because why? Because load shedding. (For my foreign readers ‘load shedding’ is our quaint, euphemistic term for electricity blackouts.) Now normally this would not make much of [...]