My cocktail philosophy is rather basic. I like the classics and I don’t like them too sweet. A good old whiskey sour fits this bill. So does a daiquiri. I didn’t always think so, because the start of my relationship with the humble daiquiri was rather rocky.

It involved wooden pub benches sticky with someone else’s spilled drinks and I hesitate to think what else, too much second-hand smoke that would inevitably see me washing my hair at midnight, and a sickly sweet slushie-style pink drink in a tall glass. What cocktail menus quaintly call a strawberry daiquiri.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here, possibly offending some, and say that this is not a daiquiri folks. Because a classic daiquiri always but always involves three things: white rum, an acid citrus of some kind, and sugar. It’s a short drink that packs a bit of a punch, but in an elegant way of course. The kind of cocktail I imagine Princess Grace ordered in Monte Carlo’s grand casino way back in the 1950s. Real golden era movie star stuff. It’s also the perfect icebreaker for the party season and a real treat with some salted almonds. Classic. Simple. Classy.

All you need is…

3 tbs simple syrup (1 cup sugar, 1 cup water)
6 tbs white rum
4 tbs freshly squeezed lime juice (bottled juice is not a suitable substitute)
8 ice blocks

To make your simple syrup, boil together the sugar and the water until it forms a thick syrup. Put this in a bottle and store it in your fridge for your festive season cocktail needs.
To make your daiquiri, add all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker (or a large glass bottle with a screw cap). Shake it very vigorously for a minute. Pour into cocktail glasses, making sure any remaining ice stays behind.




15 min


5 min


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