The psychology of marketing is pretty basic. ‘Discount’ gets my attention. ‘Save’ is good, but ‘half price’ much better. ‘Free’ is awesome (if it has some credibility that is, and is not accompanied by an increase in price – yes retailers, we notice). But my favourite marketing shout-out has to be ‘NEW’. My response is positively Pavlovian. I guess that’s the whole point.

So when I recently spotted a jar of lemon curd in Woolies and it sported their elegant little olive-coloured ‘NEW’ blob… Well, I guess we all know what happened next.

Lemon curd is unfortunately named if you ask me. C.U.R.D. Sounds rather rude and does absolutely nothing for this velvety-smooth, lemony, zesty sweet treat. It’s a bit like calling a pretty 6-pound newborn baby girl Glüdmilla.

Perfect on scones with a splotch of cream, on flapjacks, as a filling for cakes… The list of things I can think of doing with this versatile little citrus wonder is pretty long – some of it not entirely appropriate to share of course. Home-made is best, naturally. But really, who has the time?  I go the shop-bought route and I will say this, of the commercial ones available in SA, the Woolies one is by far the best I’ve tasted. If you locked me in a room with 5 litres of the stuff, you could probably keep me there for a week before I’d notice (and they are NOT paying me to say this).

This ice cream has just three ingredients, takes just three minutes to whip up and is guaranteed to impress someone special just a little.

All you need is…

250ml fresh cream
250ml full cream milk
325g lemon curd

Add everything to a large bowl and whisk until it’s thoroughy mixed. Pour into a freezer-proof bowl and place in the freezer. (I froze mine in gran’s antique silver-plated dish, perfect for entertaining.) Stir after 30 minutes and again after an hour to break up any ice crystals that form. The ice cream should be completely frozen within 3 hours. Serve ice cream with an extra dollop of lemon curd and some meringues (lemon meringue anyone?) or with a seasonal fruit salad. See TIPS, TRICKS & TRIVIA below for some fruit salad ideas.




3 min


3 hrs


tips, tricks and trivia

Fruit salad

You can go all old school and add any fruit to your fruit salad and even (childhood fave) add a can of peaches or guavas with the syrup. Some custard, some ice cream and it’s pure nostalgia. But if you want something rather more elegant and modern, limit your colour palette. Pick two colours and stick to them.

Blue and red fruit salad: Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries
Red and yellow fruit salad: Raspberries and nectarines or yellow cling peaches
Yellow and green fruit salad: Kiwi, pineapple and granadilla

enjoy with

It’s not as if I eat pudding everyday and, when I do, it’s not as if I necessarily drink something with it. But let’s assume you used gran’s silver bowl to make this ice cream and let’s assume you’re trying to impress the socks off someone, well, then bubbles are called for.

The Bruwers of Robertson have been farming on the lovely Bon Courage estate for three generations. Their Jacques Bruére MCC sparkling wines are well worth a try.



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