Men just don’t get it. A woman’s almost pathological need to taste what’s on everybody else’s plate that is. I guess that’s why I love the tapas and antipasto way of eating. A bite of this, a bit of that. Grab a huge platter. Olives, salami, ripe red cherry tomatoes, bottled artichokes all go on it along with a warm crusty bread. It’s the perfect zero-cooking start to a long, lazy meal with friends. If you’re willing to spend just a few minutes more in the kitchen, add these roasted peppers too. With anchovies, loads of parsley, garlic and a generous drizzle of the finest olive oil…need I say more?

All you need is…

2 large red and 2 large yellow bell peppers, roasted
6 anchovy fillets
½ clove of garlic, crushed
huge handful of Italian flatleaf parsley, chopped
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil and some extra for serving
black pepper
capers (optional)

Cut the roast peppers in biggish pieces (see below for how to roast a pepper or use bottled peppers if you’re in a real hurry… or real lazy). Add the anchovy fillets (either whole or cut smaller), garlic, parsley and olive oil and let it stand for an hour so the flavours can get to know each other.

Just before serving, add some more parsley for the pretty, another drizzle of olive oil (because there’s no such thing as too much), and some black pepper. If you like, add some capers too. Serve at room temperature with lots of crusty bread. The pepper-infused olive oil is heavenly to dip into.




15 min


15 min


good to know

Roasting peppers is easy…

Put whole peppers on a baking tray in an oven warmed to 200°C for 15 minutes. (The skin will start blistering and blackening.) Remove and immediately seal the hot peppers in a plastic bag for 5 minutes. Pull out the stem, scrape off the skin (which will be loose from the steaming session in the plastic bag) and scrape out the seeds.


… cleaning up is a *****

Roasting peppers makes a right mess of a baking tray. I line my baking trays with wax paper and simply chuck it away – the wax paper that is, not the tray. Dishes done.

enjoy with

For a crazy-long, lazy antipasto lunch, you want something light that will appeal to most tastes. Because you’re bound to polish a good few bottles, seriously cheap is good too.

At under R40 at my local grog shop, Allée Bleue’s Starlette (an uncomplicated Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin blend) fits the bill nicely. It’s not a future double gold award winner, but then that’s not what you’re looking for here.

Allee Bleue Starlette


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