Provençal tomato salad

Wednesday, 28 September 2016|Salad|Tags: , |

Provençal tomato salad – it’s not actually a ‘real’ Provençal dish, not in the way that pissaladière, aïoli and ratatouille are. But for me this recipe encapsulates the essence of southern France. Ripe-red firm tomatoes, bursting with sunshine. Pungent, juicy rose garlic. Anchovies, salty, rich and deep. It makes me think of rolling purple fields, cicada song at […]

5-minute wonder: carb-free baby marrow spaghetti

Tuesday, 8 March 2016|Dinner|Tags: , |

Baby marrow (aka courgette/zucchini) spaghetti… It’s the food equivalent of a bottle blonde with saline implants – not the real thing. But as many a Hollywood starlet has proven, done well, fake can be fabulous.

We revere carbs here at M&M and pasta made of anything other than wheat and egg is unthinkable. But I get that there are those of […]

Roasted garlic and fresh tomato pasta sauce

Thursday, 18 June 2015|Dinner|Tags: , , |

I simply love a challenge. Almost as much as I love a surprise. So when the folks from ZZ2 asked me if I would take part in their Mouthwatering Box campaign, naturally the answer was yes. Who is ZZ2? You may have spotted them in your local supermarket without realising it. It’s a farming […]

chicken caesar salad sarmies

Wednesday, 22 October 2014|Dinner|Tags: , , , |

Old recipes, in case you didn’t get the memo, are the bomb. While I still haven’t really gotten my head around shrimp cocktail (iceberg lettuce and thousand island dressing may have scarred me for life), I am falling in love all over again with things like Beef Wellington, Crepes Suzettes and one of my all-time favourite retro nibbles, Caesar salad. […]

Pissaladière (Provençal onion tart)

Thursday, 28 August 2014|Baking|Tags: |

I’ve never really been one for long-term planning. A bit like a puppy I guess, I’m more of an in-the-moment kinda person. This is not necessarily a trait that has served me well, but there you have it. So it comes as no surprise then that I don’t have a bucket list. Maybe swimming with dolphins, possibly walking to Everest […]

roasted pepper antipasto

Friday, 16 August 2013|Nibbles|Tags: |

Men just don’t get it. A woman’s almost pathological need to taste what’s on everybody else’s plate that is. I guess that’s why I love the tapas and antipasto way of eating. A bite of this, a bit of that. Grab a huge platter. Olives, salami, ripe red cherry tomatoes, bottled artichokes all go on it along with a […]