Roasted butternut and butter bean paté

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I’m not much one for getting up early. Granted I get up at 3am, 4am and again at 5am most nights to let my cat in the bedroom window because the little monster won’t use the cat flap in the kitchen. And I get up again at 6am to give said feline a breakfast snack because if I don’t, the [...]

Everything-and-the-kitchen-sink minestrone

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Easter is gone and May beckons. Yup folks, soup season is upon us. Not the stick-to-your-ribs kind packed with truckloads of meaty bones quite yet. That’s for June. The in-between evenings of May call for something altogether lighter I think. Lighter, yet still comforting. Minestrone is the answer. Now minestrone is one of those jolly fabulous recipes that can be [...]

Green bean bredie

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Green bean bredie – of course one has to call it a bredie, for nothing this soul satisfying could possibly be called a mere stew. What makes this a true South African bredie? The addition of marvellous old-fashioned boerekos spices along with liberal lashings of lard. This is gran’s green bean bredie recipe, but I’ve given it a modern twist. [...]

Pulled beef shin chilli con carne

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Chilli con carne – if Wikipedia is to be believed (and that’s a big IF), this dish traces its roots back to the Texas of 1850. According to the same dodgy source, they smaak it so much down South that it was designated the official dish of Texas by ‘House Concurrent Resolution Number 18’ of the 65th Texas Legislature in [...]

Beef and bean stew

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Cats are singular creatures indeed. It’s all about them. I know some people like that – it’s not pretty. But for some reason I not only tolerate this quality in cats, I find it rather endearing. I understand that when my four-legged child stops being snooty and starts snuggling up to me in the wee hours, it’s only because it’s [...]

Three bean salad

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Three bean salad. I like it a lot. The Werda one in the plastic bag inside a box is a big favourite. Around a camp fire. In Botswana. When the nearest fresh veg is a 12-hour drive through the thick sands of Chobe away. At home I feel bad to go the store-bought route. It smacks too much of lazy [...]