Raspberry ‘bazaar’ pudding

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Church fêtes were a big deal back when I was a kid. Pretty much the biggest deal other than the annual Boswell Wilkie circus visit to town. You must understand that the era I’m referring to predates DStv, computer games, malls of any kind except in the ‘big city’ and whatever the heck else kids these days do for fun. [...]

10-minute raspberry fool

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FOOL: “A person who acts imprudently or unwisely. A silly person.” We are of course exhaustingly familiar with those in this country, especially when we turn our heads in the direction of our revered National Assembly. But that’s not the kind of fool I’m referring to here. Nope, the fool in question is one of the simplest, fastest, most comforting [...]

Lemon and blueberry ripple ice cream

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The mercury has hit the high thirties (Celsius of course, not Fahrenheit) in the Cape quite a few times these last two weeks. Now I know ‘glowing’ is the dainty way of referring to what happens to a woman who’s hot – and I mean hot in the overheating sense, not the boy-I-could-date-her sense. But trust me, ‘glowing’ is entirely [...]

Roasted nectarine and dukkah-crusted goat’s cheese salad

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Week two of avoiding carbs and I’m doing just fine. In fact, I’m loving it. Mostly because in the last week I’ve managed to pack away sushi (erm, rice), a pork and roast fennel burger (erm, bread) and a seriously deevine little crayfish pasta dish I slapped together from my super secret crustacean freezer stash. I told myself if I [...]

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Duck liver paté with cranberry jelly and ciabatta melba

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Paté – it’s just better home-made and nothing could be simpler. Few things beat smooth creamy chicken liver paté. I was about to make some, but then I spotted duck livers from The Duck Farm at P&P. Only R10 more than the chicken one? Sold. Back home I used my basic chicken liver paté recipe with lovely thyme, sage and [...]