Smokey barbecued corn on the cob

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Corn on the cob (or as we South Africans prefer to call them, mealies) remind me of cute grade one kids with missing teeth and ponytails. I’m not referring to the sterile shop versions that have been plucked, waxed and topped and tailed until they’re perfect physical specimens. I’m talking proper corn on the cob, the ones sleeping soundly inside [...]

Roasted pork loin with brown-butter sweet potato

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I sometimes worry about the amount of time I spend contemplating totally pointless things. Like wondering what animal I would prefer to have with me if I were marooned, Robinson Crusoe-style, and had to fend for myself for the rest of time. The answer is pig. I simply cannot think of any meat more versatile than pork. Think bacon, German [...]

leg of lamb on the braai

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I’m as fond as the next South African of boerie on the braai. Nothing beats the smell of all that fat and gorgeous coriander hitting the hot coals. I’m rather partial to a plump lamb chop too. But National Braai Day isn’t just any day. It’s an occasion. Approaching it the way I would any normal weekend braai seems… well, [...]