Chicken, leek and mushroom burger

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Chicken and leek is one of those flavour combo no-brainers. Add some mushrooms to the mix, top it with flaky puff pastry and you have a pretty awesome chicken pot pie. But Merlot and I like shaking things up a bit in the kitchen. So we wondered what would happen if I took this traditional flavour combination and put it [...]

Bacon and egg burger

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For many years I’d assumed, erroneously so apparently, that bacon comes from pigs. Imagine my surprise when kindly friends pointed out that it is in fact the fruit of the Porcus Excellentia tree. These would be my veggie friends. The ones who judge me for my roast leg of lamb and leather shoes – but eat BLT sarmies. Yup, if [...]

roasted fennel and pork burgers

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I have a thing for sweet with meat – it’s a particularly South African thing. Take sweet potatoes. They aren’t sweet enough the way nature made them. Oh no, we have to add truckloads of butter and sugar, and roast them slowly to glistening, treacly perfection. So I’m constanty looking for new sweet-with-meat combinations. My latest obsession is fennel. [...]