Irish soda bread

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I have a policy and it’s a good one – when a bottle of anything comes knocking on my door, I let it in. And so it was last week when the folks from La Motte wine estate sent over two gorgeous ribbon-festooned bottles of their specialist jams from the La Motte farm shop for me to try. Strawberry, lemongrass [...]

Brown buttermilk rusks

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A dear friend of mine returned from Oz last Sunday. I was appalled by her tales of R90 for a glass of vino, charmed by her pics of kangaroos and kookaburras and utterly smitten with the stuffed wombat she brought back for me. But what I found really fascinating, was the South African chap she met there, who runs a [...]

Buttermilk cheesecake with salted caramel sauce

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Cake is a dangerous thing. Ask me, I should know. It’s not that I have anything against cake. But for every 10 seconds I look at a piece, I gain half a pound. I kid you not. It’s my semi Italian gran’s fault of course that the sodding curvy gene ended up in the pool. You can bootilicious, fab junk-in-the-trunk [...]