Feta, orange and fennel salad

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Spring is being a bit coy in the Cape this year. When I look at the weather report I see the rest of SA is starting to flirt with pretty summer frocks. Not so much the case down south. I live in hope that I’ll be able to put a match to the ugly Uggs in the next week [...]

Ultimate mushroom mozzarella toastie

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I’ve given this some thought and have concluded that people can essentially be distilled into two groups. In the first you’ll find organised folks, those with neat cupboards and even neater fridges. They own shares in Tupperware and everything in their kitchen is neatly colour-coded, lined up like Westpoint graduates on parade. Then there’s the other kind, those of us [...]

Souffléd welsh rarebit with Healey’s mature cheddar

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My introduction to Welsh rarebit was not exactly auspicious. We’re talking London many, many moons ago. I was slaving away in big kitchens for about two pence an hour. It involved hairnets and lots of frying. Enough said. On this particular day in this particular kitchen in a VERY fancy department store (you know, the kind of place where Princess [...]

Cauliflower-cheese soup with parmesan ciabatta croutons

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Back when I was a kid (OK way, way back) veggies were fairly basic. You had your carrots, your peas, gems, potatoes, beans and cauliflower. That was pretty much it. Oh and beetroot, which was always bottled in vinegar. Asparagus and mushrooms were only available in a tin – hauled out strictly for very big occasions, like when the fancy church [...]

Oven roasted tomato and spinach pie

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Health has been a bit of a buzzword in the Melkkos & Merlot kitchen of late. Coming from the queen of butter and cream, this is strange I know. What triggered the madness? First, I was invited to the launch of Parmalat’s new range of cottage cheese. Already the biggest cheese brand in the country, Parlamat has now expanded their [...]