Greek lemon chicken

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Ask me about my top 5 best-ever meals and invariably a simple lunch I enjoyed on a very remote Greek island comes to mind. We’d anchored our yacht in a teeny harbour and strolled a few metres to a restaurant boasting a mere three tables. As we sipped ice cold Greek white wine we watched a small boy catching fish [...]

Roast chicken French grandma style – with bacon, sage and chicken liver stuffing

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ROAST CHICKEN. Done properly, it has to be one of my all-time favourite things to eat. The trick of course is the ‘done properly’ part of this statement. It’s incredibly easy to stuff up roast chicken. Having said that, it’s also incredibly easy to get it right – as long as you follow just two basic rules: 1) use the [...]

southern fried chicken

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Reality TV has been a lot of fun lately. Shock developments, scandals, threats, petty fights, claims of unseemly behaviour with women-not-your-wife... Such interesting characters with such interesting names. Names like Reince. Reince Priebus. I am of course talking about the American presidential election. Our boy Reince is the incoming White House chief of staff. Now I may not care much [...]

Tequila chicken flattie (Pollo Asado, my way)

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The humble chicken is revered in Mexico. Not ever having been there, I didn’t really know this. Until I did some research recently for a job involving, well chicken. It’s massively popular street food over there with gigantic street barbeques laden with whole chickens in double-digit numbers dotted about the place. The Mexicans call it Pollo Asado. Recipes differ wildly [...]

Chicken with lemon and capers (pollo al limone)

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It wasn’t pretty, but somebody had to do it – eat all the leftover Christmas cake and pud that is. Along with all the panettone and trifle. As I sluggishly emerge, Jabba the Hutt-like, from my self-induced Christmas carb coma, I’m counting the cost. I don’t need to get on a scale to know the damage is considerable. One of [...]