Honey mustard chicken

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Honey mustard chicken is one of those quick and easy meal no-brainers. In its simplest form, it’s just honey mixed with mustard and a teeny touch of oil and salt. Pour it over the chicken, chuck it in the oven and walk away to do other, more important things. Like maybe your nails. I wanted to jazz it up a [...]

Shortcut old-fashioned chicken pie

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My gran – in the way of so many women of her generation I suppose – was a kitchen whizz on the quiet. Dress a 300kg carcass in under an hour? No problem. Whip up a four-tier wedding cake with marzipan and delicate OTT floral sugarwork by Monday? Sure sweetie. I wish I had learnt more from her while I [...]

Chicken salad with an Asian twist

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I love the occasional kitchen challenge, so when the friendly folk from SABC3’s Expresso morning show asked if I’d come make a salad on tele, naturally I said yes. Where’s the challenge, you may ask? Well, apart from trying not to fall flat on my face/set their envy-inducing kitchen alight/or, like Nicki Minaj at the MTVs, drop the f-bomb (though [...]

chicken caesar salad sarmies

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Old recipes, in case you didn’t get the memo, are the bomb. While I still haven’t really gotten my head around shrimp cocktail (iceberg lettuce and thousand island dressing may have scarred me for life), I am falling in love all over again with things like Beef Wellington, Crepes Suzettes and one of my all-time favourite retro nibbles, Caesar salad. [...]

Coq Au Vin

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On a cold winter’s evening, I’m generally only interested in three things – a warm meal, a glass of vino, and my passion-killer pink bunny slippers. Since I haven’t yet let my standards drop to the extent where I’ll go out in public in my slippers, I naturally think twice when an invite for an evening ‘do’ lands in my [...]