Spiced red wine pears with coffee-chocolate sauce, almond ice cream and brittle

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I’d intended to do something utterly decadent and fabulous that somehow involved chocolate eggs with marshmallow filling for this post. Something tongue in cheek. Something irreverent. Because that, of course, is my default setting. Then I was invited to take part in the Fairtrade Fortnight Foodie Challenge that coincides with Fairtrade’s two-week The Power Of You campaign. And I said [...]

Affogato ice cream cakes

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Affogato. No, it’s not a swearword – as in ‘well affogato you too dude’. It’s Italian for ‘drowned’ and refers to one of the simplest, yet most delicious 2-minute desserts out there – vanilla ice cream ‘drowned’ in strong hot espresso. Some folks add a shot of hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico to their affogato too, and why not. Either way, [...]

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