My, my it’s bobotie pie!

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‘Gatvol’. Most of my compatriots would need no explanation. But to my readers in other countries, it’s kinda like fed up – times a thousand. And that’s exactly what I was last week. Because why? Because load shedding. (For my foreign readers ‘load shedding’ is our quaint, euphemistic term for electricity blackouts.) Now normally this would not make much of [...]

Thai red curry prawn and noodle soup

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For me soup is kinda like ice cream. I can eat it anytime. When it comes to giving soup instant attitude, few things beat curry. This Thai red curry soup is so easy, my cat can make it. It's spicy, sweet, salty and sour – the four flavours that absolutely have to be present in any halfway decent Asian dish. [...]

Three bean salad

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Three bean salad. I like it a lot. The Werda one in the plastic bag inside a box is a big favourite. Around a camp fire. In Botswana. When the nearest fresh veg is a 12-hour drive through the thick sands of Chobe away. At home I feel bad to go the store-bought route. It smacks too much of lazy [...]

Bobotie samoosas with apricot dipping sauce

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In my experience, bobotie is a little bit like opera. Few folks seem to be neutral about it. They either love it or loathe it. I happen to be rather partial to both. Growing up, bobotie was very much a ‘special occasion’ dish – for high days, holidays and, rather bizarrely, funerals. And that’s just silly because few things could [...]

curried sweet potato soup with poppadom ribbons

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I love a good curry. Not the sissy stuff Capetonians generally try to pass off as curry (sorry!). I mean Durban-style – a curry with ‘tude that burns you just by looking at it. It has to hurt and it absolutely has to come with a truckload of interesting side bits – raita, sambal, chutney, achar, poppadoms, Mrs Ball’s chutney… [...]