Pinotage and plum pavlova

Thursday, 16 March 2017|Sweet tooth|Tags: , |

So the Argus has come and gone. It may not have been much of an event this year, what with the South Easter howling at up to 100km an hour and the cycle race being cancelled about an hour in. Cancelled or not, for me the Argus is my line in the sand. My signal that the soul-destroyingly, […]

Lemon and blueberry ripple ice cream

Monday, 8 February 2016|Sweet tooth|Tags: , |

The mercury has hit the high thirties (Celsius of course, not Fahrenheit) in the Cape quite a few times these last two weeks. Now I know ‘glowing’ is the dainty way of referring to what happens to a woman who’s hot – and I mean hot in the overheating sense, not the boy-I-could-date-her sense. But trust me, ‘glowing’ is entirely […]

Cookies-‘n-custard ice cream

Monday, 16 November 2015|Sweet tooth|Tags: |

You get four kinds of people when it comes to custard. 1) Those with deep pockets and patience who make the real deal from cream and a small fortune in eggs. 2) Those who put in some sort of effort and whip up the powdered version. 3) Those who take the easy way out and buy the ready-made, long-life one. […]

Affogato ice cream cakes

Thursday, 18 December 2014|Sweet tooth|Tags: , , |

Affogato. No, it’s not a swearword – as in ‘well affogato you too dude’. It’s Italian for ‘drowned’ and refers to one of the simplest, yet most delicious 2-minute desserts out there – vanilla ice cream ‘drowned’ in strong hot espresso. Some folks add a shot of hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico to their affogato too, and why not. Either way, […]

Rose Italian kisses

Tuesday, 2 December 2014|Sweet tooth|Tags: , |

I don’t really mind standing in supermarket queues. It’s where I often get ideas. Like the other day when, queueing at Woolies, I spotted Turkish Delight wrapped in chocolate. Now I’m not much of a Turkish Delight fan because I loathe anything with a jelly-like consistency. But I love its rose-flavour and I really love it when it’s combined with […]

lemon curd ice cream

Thursday, 2 October 2014|Sweet tooth|Tags: , |

The psychology of marketing is pretty basic. ‘Discount’ gets my attention. ‘Save’ is good, but ‘half price’ much better. ‘Free’ is awesome (if it has some credibility that is, and is not accompanied by an increase in price – yes retailers, we notice). But my favourite marketing shout-out has to be ‘NEW’. My response is positively Pavlovian. I guess […]