Greek lemon chicken

2022-01-12T13:43:06+02:00Wednesday, 12 January 2022|Dinner|Tags: , |

Ask me about my top 5 best-ever meals and invariably a simple lunch I enjoyed on a very remote Greek island comes to mind. We’d anchored our yacht in a teeny harbour and strolled a few metres to a restaurant boasting a mere three tables. As we sipped ice cold Greek white wine we watched a small boy catching fish [...]

Old-fashioned lemon posset

2020-09-30T08:18:37+02:00Wednesday, 8 July 2020|Sweet tooth|Tags: |

Lemon posset is not a particularly South African pudding. Nope, it’s particularly English. Which is why it took me some time to discover the magic of this mind-blowingly simple, 3-ingredient pudding. Cream, sugar and lemon is all you need to make lemon posset. A bit of basic kitchen chemistry kicks in to transform these everyday ingredients into a velvety smooth, [...]

Heavenly lemony French Madeleine

2020-09-30T08:18:56+02:00Thursday, 25 May 2017|Baking, Sweet tooth|Tags: |

My silence the last 2-3 weeks has been thunderous to say the least. I apologise for this and can offer as an excuse only that I have been working my little heart out. Developing recipes, making food pretty and taking piccies. A girl's gotta live after all. And then I had the cheek to go and look for some well-deserved [...]

Smoked salmon paté

2020-09-30T08:18:58+02:00Monday, 27 March 2017|Nibbles|Tags: , |

Champagne taste on a beer budget… That’s pretty much my biggest culinary challenge. Take smoked salmon. I love it. Do I get to dig into the prime stuff often? Not often, no. Actually, more like not at all. It’s just too expensive. Instead I feed my smoked salmon inner beast with smoked salmon off-cuts. It’s not pretty to look at [...]