Thai red curry prawn and noodle soup

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For me soup is kinda like ice cream. I can eat it anytime. When it comes to giving soup instant attitude, few things beat curry. This Thai red curry soup is so easy, my cat can make it. It's spicy, sweet, salty and sour – the four flavours that absolutely have to be present in any halfway decent Asian dish. [...]

Prawn and chorizo tapas

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My first encounter with sherry was at university. It was memorable – for all the wrong reasons. Back then cheap and lots of it were pretty much my only considerations. You can see where this is going. It almost ruined me for sherry. Kinda like my visit to a major (can’t name names) processed-meat producer’s plant in Germiston round about [...]

Melon and prawn salad

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I can think of few things less wanted than a box of chocolates with Santa on it. The day after Christmas that is. The frantic discounting of Christmas goodies post the big day amuses me somewhat. Especially when they’re on the same shelf as the Valentine goodies. These too will become undesirable in about 9 days’ time. Giving someone a [...]

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