Spanish-inspired mussels with chorizo, saffron and sherry

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It’s high summer and one of my greatest joys is eating in the dappled shade of the gigantic Cape Ash right outside my kitchen door. (That’s when the sodding Cape South-Easter is not howling, but let’s not go there.) Mussels are always a good idea, even more so when combined with plump, juicy red tomatoes at their summer peak. But [...]

Maple-roasted root veg and sausage bake

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We may have had the hottest day on record for the last hundred years in Cape Town last week, but change is definitely in the air. The mornings now have a distinct chill, which has me reaching for my cardie. As the season turns, I’m starting to thinks stews, bakes and pies. Warming comfort food really doesn’t get any easier [...]

Christmas paté with hazelnuts, sage and brandy

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I love a good pork sausage. They’re definitely not just for an English-style fry-up. They make a perfectly decent quick and very economical dinner too. Think bangers with mash, onion gravy and peas; think toad-in-the-hole or hot dogs with caramelised onions and lashings of mustard. And then of course, there’s the option of squeezing out the meat and transforming pork [...]

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Prawn and chorizo tapas

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My first encounter with sherry was at university. It was memorable – for all the wrong reasons. Back then cheap and lots of it were pretty much my only considerations. You can see where this is going. It almost ruined me for sherry. Kinda like my visit to a major (can’t name names) processed-meat producer’s plant in Germiston round about [...]

Gourmet ‘cricket’ hot dog

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I’ve been fairly devastated for the past month or so – ever since I found out that I will not be frying myself to a crisp on January 2nd. See, that’s the day the traditional New Year cricket match normally starts at Newlands stadium. Capetonians rock up in their thousands with cooler bags, 2-litre bottles of Coke and contraband sachets [...]

Boerewors Pasta

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Occasionally I get the chance to escape my office just shy of five. I close the door behind me and hit the streets for a gentle stroll with my imaginary dog (Merlot won’t tolerate a real one). One notices many things on these lazy constitutionals. My neighbour’s sweet peas will be blooming soon. The people a few houses over have [...]