Blackberry and apple galette with citrus chantilly

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I love the transforming power of words – how just a few syllables can make things seem fancy and make you want them more. Take handbags. Say Vuitton and we go ‘ooh’. But if you think about it, it really is just a bag – somewhere to keep your cell phone and lippy, and the place where those nasty complimentary [...]

smoked salmon cheesecake

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It’s no secret that I’m partial to a touch of pink. So when a cheeky little Roodeberg rosé came knocking on my door the other day, care of the fine folks at KWV, well, obviously I had to invite it in. And open it. And taste it. And then taste some more – just to make doubly sure. Now as [...]

Cheat’s apple strudel with salted caramel sauce

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I had something cheesy planned for this post, but then the lovely folks from SABC 3’s Expresso morning show asked if I’d come bake something sweet for them. The pace of live TV is exhilarating to say the least, even more so when one has just a few minutes to conjure up something fabulous. Hmmm. What can I bake that [...]

Pissaladière (Provençal onion tart)

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I’ve never really been one for long-term planning. A bit like a puppy I guess, I’m more of an in-the-moment kinda person. This is not necessarily a trait that has served me well, but there you have it. So it comes as no surprise then that I don’t have a bucket list. Maybe swimming with dolphins, possibly walking to Everest [...]

Pear and marzipan tartlets with chocolate ganache

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The thing about spending the amount of time in the kitchen that I do, is things can get a bit lonely. Merlot is an excellent conversationalist, to be sure. But as I don’t actually speak 'cat', her incessant chatter isn’t exactly what I would call spell binding. So when the inimitable Nina Timm from My Easy Cooking asked if I’d [...]

cheese tart with drunken sultanas

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There are few things I love more than a decent French apple tart, with the possible exception of a proper ’tarte au fromage blanc’ – a sophisticated little cheese tart number made with fromage blanc (a soft white French cheese), raisins and candied fruit. So I decided to recreate it, but give it a seriously South African twist. Instead of [...]