Groote Post Country Market, Darling

2022-08-18T11:35:28+02:00Woensdag, 24 April 2019| Markte, Wynproe|

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to markets in and around Cape Town. The ones that are practically on my doorstep are regular haunts. But then there are the special country markets one has to work just a little bit harder for – by driving 50 minutes instead of 15. The Groote Post Country Market is one of these [...]

Wine, market and festival news December 2017

2022-08-18T11:44:50+02:00Woensdag, 29 November 2017| Markte, Nuus, Wynproe|

The Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival 'The Magic of Bubbles' presented by Mastercard, 2 & 3 December 2017 Nothing but nothing says Time To Celebrate! quite like Champagne. Which is why it’s so nice to kick off the festive season celebrations with the annual Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival. With the iconic Huguenot Monument providing a spectacular backdrop, you'll [...]

groote post country market

2022-08-18T11:57:26+02:00Donderdag, 24 Maart 2016| Markte|

With wine estates coming out our ears in Cape Town, it’s kind of hard to pick a favourite. That’s rather like asking someone which one of their kids they like most. But if you were to be cheekily insistent, I’d have to admit that Groote Post is up there. Why? Well they make fine wine. But then, so do hundreds [...]

oranjezicht stadsplaas mark (ozcf)

2022-08-19T17:18:40+02:00Woensdag, 9 April 2014| Markte|

As jy katte of kinders het, weet jy reeds wat ek nou gaan sê... Daarsie so ding soos laat slaap op ’n Saterdagoggend nie. Ook nie Sondag nie. Merlot hou my op my tone deur haar strategie om my uit te bed te kry en kos in haar bak te kry af te wissel. Maar dis gewoonlik ’n kombinasie van [...]

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